Monday, December 12, 2011


I'll be leaving for New York City in 2 years to fulfill my dreams of making it in the fashion industry...
   My plan of action is to have enough money saved up in order to not live on the streets. Even though, if it all came down to it I would sleep in the fountains, on the stoops, park benches, in the middle of central order to achieve my dream.
   I have made the decision to put my winter/summer breaks to use by opening up a shop dedicated to my thrifting finds at a reasonable price. Pieces may be altered or they may not even be touched. I just need to keep myself in the fashion-oriented mind frame when I am off break. This will put my mind to good, creative use.
  Once, I understand the opening of a shop I will put more information on the blog. This blog will also display my thrifting adventures as well.
  Thrifting has became a way of life for us fashion bloggers. It's an unique way to challenge your fashion sense. The best feeling is when no one knows what you wearing is a thrifted piece. Plus, there is something peaceful of being in a room surrounded by vintage clothing that every piece of cloth has a story to tell.
 Finals week ends this thursday and once it ends I will be on the mission to find awesome pieces to bring you all. Stay tuned!